REXA combines the know-how of two companies at the leading edge of their respective sectors:
MATTIUSSI ECOLOGIA, a leader of thirty years’ standing in the development and manufacture of solutions
and systems for sorted waste collection, and MQUADRO, an electronic engineering company with a
long-time expertise in developing systems and professional services for the geolocation and monitoring
of people, vehicles and assets.

Always at the leading edge of research on efficiency and innovation in the waste collection sector,
MATTIUSSI ECOLOGIA designs and makes eco-compatible products, with a primary focus on
environmental sustainability, quality and customer service.
The commitment to continually bring to market revolutionary new products, that make it simpler
and more efficient to manage sorted waste collection and disposal, is perfectly fulfilled through
the partnership with MQUADRO, which takes pride in several important projects in integrated
hardware and software solutions for environmental applications.

Thanks to the union of these two companies, REXA can today offer a comprehensive solution
for managing and optimizing waste collection services, turning waste into a precious new resource.
Attention to the environment, ongoing research and development, and commitment to social
and environmental responsibility are the distinguishing traits of this new company, which inherits
the decades-long expertise of two important companies, in order to provide solutions
for the future of resources and new generations.