Symax 100
& Symax 100 WiFi

Devices for tracking,
geolocation, and advanced
telemetry applications

An advanced
and highly
customizable system

A next-generation programmable device
for tracking, geolocation and advanced
telemetry applications, that leverages
the high computational capacity of the
ARM 9 processor and its expandable memory.

Symax 100 WiFi

GPS tracking device with integrated WiFi app module
for on-board wireless networks and data interface with
handheld reader devices.

Symax 100 WiFi provides a fully-fledged mobile WiFi network
to upload data gathered by portable waste collection devices,
assigned to the operators combining the read data to the
GPS positioning system.

Through its integrated GPRS module, the information is then
sent to the software server and made available on screen or
processed for later analysis and verification.

Technical characteristics

Symax 100 / Symax 100 WiFi
CPU ARM9 at 400MHz clock speed
Custom Linux OS 2.6.39
RAM 128 MB
Micro SD
Power Consumption Off: 0.3 mA
Standby: 15 mA
RUN: 50 mA
RUN + GSM 90 mA
GSM/GPRS GSM Quad-Band (850 – 900 – 1800 – 1900 MHz)
WiFi (optional) B, G, N, 200 mt max range LTE filter
Power Supply EXTERNAL 9 - 30 V unregulated
Internal Lithium Battery (3,7 V - 1100 mAh)
GPS Ublox 6 serie, 50 channels GPS module
GPS L1 frequency, C/A Code
Accuracy: up to 2,5 m
Sampling rate up to 4 samples/second (default 1 sample/second)
Signal Acquisition:
Cold Start (Autonomous): 26 seconds
Warm Start (Autonomous): 26 seconds
Hot Start (Autonomous): 1 second
Six different navigation modes (Automatic, SingleFix, Pedestrian, Automotive, Sea, Airborne)
Interfaces 8 tri-state IO
2 RS-232/485
4 analog inputs
1 CAN 2.0 up to 1 MBPS Full Speed
3 – axis accelerometer (ST LIS331DLH) for tilt and movement detect
3 external led for status indication
Internal temperature sensor
1 USB host/device
Antennas 2 External (Gps and Gsm-Gprs) Fakra connectors
Casing IP 30 metal aluminium boxing
Dimensions: 83 x 54 x 26 mm
Temperature Operating - 40°C / +85°C
Operating (with Lithium Battery): - 20°C / +60°C
Storage: - 40°C / +85°C
Lithium Battery Recharge: 0°C / +45°C
Cables Power supply cable w/connector
Battery Fixing Back-up Lithium 1100 mAh
Flanged Front/Rear panel with screw mounting holes (optional)
Antennas External dual (Gps Gsm-Gprs) with Fakra connectors and 2mt cable
Conformity 1999/05/EC R & TTE Directive
2004/104/EC Directive
2002/95/EC RHOS Directive