Waste Scan

Portable system
for managing
recycling centres


The Waste Scan product line,
with its practical and intuitive interface,
allows recycling centre operators to
effectively record, in just a few steps,
the identity of the user,
be it a private citizen or a company,
the quantity of waste disposed of and its type,
selecting from a list based on the EWC
(European Waste Catalogue) classification.

secure to transport
and always connected

Portability is a distinguishing feature of
the Waste Scan systems: thanks to their
rugged enclosure, they can be easily used
at multiple locations, and stored in a secure place
when the recycling centre is closed.


The connectivity* of the systems, which
can instantly interface with the database of
authorized users, makes it possible to cross-check
for multiple access at different recycling centres,
as well as manage black lists and
monitor waste disposal streams.


Web based

The functions of the Waste Scan systems
are further complemented by the web application,
which can be used to manage the collected data,
and to enable or block users.

Waste Scan 1000
Pratical and user friendly,
with compact size and
high performance
Waste Scan 2000
All the convenience of
a built-in printer and
an easy interfacing
with weighing systems

Technical characteristics

Waste Scan 1000 Waste Scan 2000
Dimensions 360 x 330 x 194 mm 445 x 345 x 125 mm
Enclosure protection IP 67 (closed) IP 67 (closed)
Operating temperature - 10° / + 55° - 10° / + 55°
Weight 4.2 Kg approx. 5.0 Kg approx.
Operating voltage 90 – 260 V; AC 50 – 60 Hz 90 – 260 V; AC 50 – 60 Hz
Monitor 10.4 in – 26.42 cm 10.4 in – 26.42 cm
Connectivity UMTS, LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, Ethernet UMTS, LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n, Ethernet
Data Insert Interface with icons on touchscreen Interface with icons on touchscreen
Operating system Linux Linux
Output Database Thermal printer – 50 mm roll
Power supply Mains electricity Mains/battery

* Connectivity guaranteed only with active network coverage